Three Musketeers of Perfect Sound

Fohhn Focus Modular systems provide sound reinforcement for Altusried’s open-air production of “3 Musketeers”.

Following last year’s successful production of “Robin Hood”, the pop musical “3 Musketeers” was on the 2017 programme for the Allgäuer Open-Air Theatre in Altusried. The musical, which already had successful runs in large musical theatre venues in Berlin and Stuttgart, was a co-production with the state theatre of Mainz. From the end of June to the beginning of August, a musical spectacular awaited audiences. Sound coverage was provided by Fohhn loudspeaker systems.

As last year, the decision was made to go with Focus Modular. The systems would ensure precise transmission of speech and music with the highest quality and – thanks to their integrated Beam Steering Technology – would enable precise coverage of the spectator stands while avoiding the actors. This could also be achieved without the risk of feedback from over 30 open microphones that were in intermittent use on the stage. As for the sound design, the theatre’s new wide stage set with its three enormous crossed sword blades presented an additional challenge. This time, three Focus Modular stacks were mounted on three masts: On the left and right edges of the performance area a column was installed, consisting in each case of an FM-100 high frequency module above two combined FM-400 low-mid modules. In the middle of the stage, between a rearward ramp and the crossed blades, the third stack was flown: a Combined Speaker consisting of two FM-400 modules, flanked on either side by an FM-110. These two high frequency modules collectively produced a 180° coverage.

The positioning of the Focus Modular systems also produced an interesting side effect: The audio direction could adapt to the acoustic location of the current dramatic situation, drawing spectators to the appropriate part of the performance area. In other words: The audience would always hear the sound from the direction of the on-stage action.

For a deep, rich bass response, eight passive XS-4 18” subwoofers were integrated into the front of the stage. 12 ultra-compact Linea LX-11 loudspeakers systems on Freestands served as nearfield speakers. Two AT-10 systems were added at the height of the orchestra pit – which lay under the spectator stands. Both of these compact nearfield speakers were also integrated into the front of the stage. At both outer edges of the spectator stand, two passive LX-61 line source systems were used to “refine” the high frequency range. All passive loudspeaker systems were powered using a range of multi-channel, DSP controlled, Class D Fohhn amplifiers – two D-4.1200, three D-4.750 and a D-2.750.

We congratulate the Altusried Open Air Theatre on this successful production.

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