Fohhn Talks Dante

Fohhn’s latest products are now equipped with interfaces for Dante™ Audio Networking.

With the new Linea Focus DLI line source systems, Fohhn has, for the first time, released products that are equipped with an interface for the Dante™ digital audio networking solution.

“We are supporting Dante on a broad level,” explains Jochen Schwarz, CEO of Fohhn Audio AG. In the course of digitization, all new active loudspeaker systems and DSP amplifiers will be equipped with the relevant interfaces – so-called input interfaces - on a step-by-step basis. The same also applies to the DSP-controlled amplifiers in the forthcoming DI-Series.

For Fohhn, this improved compatibility via Dante™ is a logical step: Since the millennium, company engineers have been focussing on digital amplifier- and control technology (DSP). The appearance of AIREA in 2014 heralded the arrival of the first in-house developed, fully digital audio network system and active loudspeaker concept. With the forthcoming AIREA Breakout Extension ABX-5, there will soon be an adapter that enables problem-free interaction between AIREA and Dante™ - in both directions.

Dante™ stands for “Digital Audio Networking Through Ethernet” and was developed by the Australian company Audinate. Within this increasingly widespread digital audio network, data transmission takes place over IP networks. Dante™ offers complex audio routing possibilities and enables redundant cabling.

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