The System Concept.

An intelligent and intuitive concept that lightens your daily workload, produces first-class sound and gives you complete control over your sound systems. The requirements for modern sound installations are numerous: maximum reliability, use in a wide range of applications, compatibility, simple handling, an attractive design, intuitive operation and a balanced sound at all volume levels. Only a sophisticated holistic audio system can fulfill all of these requirements - a system that can be used for many different applications even though all components are adapted to operate in perfect harmony with one another.

Over the last years, we have not only developed speakers, amplifiers and DSP technology, but have taken a more forward-thinking approach and designed a compatible operating concept with remote control, system control and synchronous control of interlinked devices.

The System Components.

Perfectly developed speaker systems, state-of-the-art amplifier and DSP technology and an intuitive remote control concept guarantee maximum user comfort and a top-quality sound - THE FOHHNTASTIC 4.

1. Loudspeaker
Active and passive speaker systems with a clear, timeless design. Delicate handwork, high-quality materials and carefully selected electronic components highlight our passion for perfection to detail.

2. Amplifier
State-of-the-art amplifier technology that fulfills the most demanding requirements for audio quality and reliability. Advantages: low weight, compact dimensions, outstanding sound and extremely efficient.

3. Audio DSP
The two-stage digital signal processors are easy to programme and are continuously upgraded by Fohhn engineers to guarantee the best possible sound quality.

4. Remote Control
User-friendly remote control options and maximum operating comfort. For controlling and monitoring several individual devices or complete Fohhn systems from a central location.

The support.

1. Project Planning
No two projects are the same. The acoustics vary from venue to venue. This is why sound planning is vital in determining how the actual sound will be heard at the location. Fohhn starts planning at an early stage by consulting planners, architects and fitters, and then discusses the different acoustic and design requirements together with the customer. If required, a professional acoustics simulation can be run to determine which speaker system is most suitable for the application. Important project parameters such as anticipated volume levels, speech intelligibility and the evenness of sound distribution are defined during this process.

2. System Calibration
The sound experts at Fohhn can then assist the customer with speaker system calibration if required and carry out a final inspection at the venue.

Helping you to create the perfect sound every step of the way. And that’s a promise.

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