Fohhn Audio DSP Technology.

Implementing your sound projects more efficiently.

State-of-the-art DSP Technology.

Our digital sound processors are integrated in all Fohhn amplifiers, new active speakers and the FC-8/9 digital controllers. The algorithms used and the precision of the programming define DSP technology. Fohhn development engineers have invested a great deal of time attempting to produce the perfect sound. Fohhn began developing its own DSP technology in 2000 and Head of Electronics Development Bernd Nimmrichter and his team have been consistently developing the Fohhn DSP concept ever since. The unique Fohhn 2-stage DSP concept:

DSP-1: Integrated Digital Audio Devices.

Extremely versatile. 5 professional audio devices offer valuable benefits on an everyday working level: 10-band parametric EQ, delay, compressor/limiter, noise gate and crossover allow the user to adapt the audio system perfectly to sound requirements, room acoustics or personal preferences. Cable faults, cumbersome rack cabinets and tangled cables are a thing of the past. The integrated technology reduces the weight and dimensions of the unit and guarantees stress-free operation. In addition, the operating status display gives you complete control in monitoring the temperature and operating time.

DSP-2: Speaker Management System.

Specifications for all types of Fohhn speakers are stored in a speaker database. An algorithm especially developed by Fohhn guarantees a balanced sound and maximum operation reliability at all volume levels.

Easy to operate.

A control panel with a blue, four-line LCD display is integrated in Fohhn active systems, amplifiers and controllers, so that users can adjust and view the DSP functions on the respective audio device (does not apply to A series amplifiers).

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