The intuitive operating concept.

Six user-friendly options for controlling and monitoring your Fohhn Audio System remotely.

The intuitive Fohhn operating concept incorporates cable-connected and wireless remote control options for fixed and mobile Fohhn sound systems. The remote control devices are extremely user-friendly and give the user complete control over the audio system from a central location. Individual devices and entire systems can be operated synchronously from one of several devices, opening up a whole range of different application possibilities.

All Fohhn active speaker systems, DSP amplifiers and DSP controllers are equipped with two Fohhn-Net network interfaces as standard, which can be used to monitor and remotely operate each individual device. If you are using several Fohhn devices, you can easily interlink and monitor or remotely operate them from a central location.

The Fohhn-Net system is nothing more than a control network, i.e. no audio data is transferred, only control data. Fohhn-Net can operate a maximum of 254 devices simultaneously via cable at distances of up to 1800 m. At live events, you can use any available microphone cables or your multicore and for fixed installations, you can use conventional telephone or network cables.

Bus or star networks are also an option here. A circular cabling arrangement will achieve additional redundancy and ensure that the star network will function correctly if interrupted at any point. The Fohhn-Net was designed in line with established industrial standards and is very reliable due to a stable transfer protocol and permanent monitoring (continuous feedback during data transfer).

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