The way to a perfect sound is based on facts.

No two projects are the same. The acoustics vary from venue to venue. This is why sound planning is vital in determining how the actual sound will be heard at the location. Fohhn starts planning at an early stage by consulting planners, architects and fitters, and then discusses the different acoustic and design requirements together with the customer.

Fohhn’s in-house planning and project engineers are always on hand to support the customer throughout an entire project. With their extensive technical knowledge and practical experience, they are happy to advise every step of the way and can even assist during the final stages of testing at a venue. The aim is always to help the customer achieve good results. For challenging live sound applications involving Linea Focus or Focus Modular systems, experienced Fohhn® sound engineers are also available to offer support at venues. The Fohhn® SoundLab plays host to a series of regular training and professional development events for Fohhn® staff, Fohhn® Partners, Sound Experts and other professionals. We also offer regular trainings, workshops and seminars in Nürtingen. Finally, it’s important to make sure that you speak to an appropriate project partner.

Helping you to create the perfect sound every step of the way. And that’s a promise.

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