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World Conference Center, Bonn (Germany)

Only a few months after the German Bundestag met there the last time, parts of the parliamentary building in Bonn re-opened as a conference facility during the autumn of 1999. The present-day World Conference Center Bonn includes, among other rooms, the former Plenary Chamber. Today, this venue offers event space for up to 1,230 people: The Plenary Chamber itself, with its benches for parliamentary groups, the government bench, the Bundesrat bench and presidium, has 734 seats, while a further 496 seats are available in the visitors’ gallery.

In 2018, the Plenary Chamber had a new, cutting-edge sound system, which was specially adapted to the room and manufactured by Fohhn. The system was planned by engineering company Graner + Partner and implemented by Salzbrenner media.

The centrepiece of this installation comprises two arrays consisting of several FM modules with Fohhn Beam Steering technology. These arrays measure several metres in length and have been mounted on either side of the imposing rear wall behind the presidium. Each array consists of an FM-100 high frequency module and three FMI-400 low-mid modules, along with further FMI-400 “dummy enclosures”, added for visual reasons.

In the low frequency range, the Focus systems are supplemented by four AS-31 subwoofers, which have been installed in the underbody under the lectern. Four compact XS-30 subwoofers serve as side solutions when needed.

Six Focus DLI line source systems with AES/EBU inputs, (two DLI-130 and four DLI-230), have been mounted on ceiling pendants. These serve as delay line for the gallery. High frequency enhancement for the outermost front seating is provided by compact LX-10 nearfield loudspeakers, which have been added under the gallery, at the corners.

Congratulations to Salzbrenner media and Graner + Partner on thos successful installation!

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