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Velodrome Suisse, Grenchen

Featuring a 250-metre track, the newly built Velodrome Suisse at Grenchen can also be used as a multi-purpose venue, offering training opportunities for cycling professionals, clubs and hobbyists. The complex also offers facilities for conferences, business events, concerts and exhibitions and boasts a restaurant, VIP lounge and press centre. The 8000 square metre space has grandstand seating for 2000, with an additional 2000 seats in the inner part of the arena.

During the velodrome’s construction, a new sound system has been installed. With a 5-second reverberation time and poor acoustics, Linea Focus systems have proved an obvious choice, not only for their beam steering technology, but also for their low weight and slim, elegant appearance that makes them visually unobtrusive in an installation. Ten LFI-120 systems in white have been installed and calibrated to guarantee excellent levels of speech intelligibility in every row of the grandstand. A Fohhn FR-10 remote control unit enables different areas to be covered as required.

Congratulations to our Swiss distributor Sennheiser Schweiz and to Hebegger AG on their successful planning and implementation of this project.

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