Acts like Lilly Among Clouds, The Busters and The Attic Sleepers had the crowd at the main stage jumping at the free open-air festival Umsonst & Draußen in Würzburg in 2018. In 2018, the festival on the banks of the River Main celebrated its 30th birthday. The main stage, which saw audiences of up to 4,000 fans, was equipped with a Focus Venue sound system.

On each side, arrays consisting of two FV-100 high frequency modules and two FV-200 low-mid modules served as the main PA system. Twelve PS-850 subwoofers provided powerful bass playback and four XT-4 fullrange speakers were also used for nearfill. In order to ensure that all of the performers could hear themselves, four XM-4 monitors were placed on the stage. The passive speakers were driven by a D-2.1500, two DI-4.1000 and six DI-2.2000 system power amplifiers.

Many thanks to Alpha Productions and BELI for the successful execution of this project.

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