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Thyssenkrupp Test Tower, Rottweil (Germany)

At 246 metres tall and with 26 storeys, the thyssenkrupp Test Tower is the highest tower in Baden-Württemberg. Its visitor platform at 232 metres is also the highest in Germany. In Rottweil’s newest landmark, the German industrial corporation thyssenkrupp tests its new, ultra-modern high-speed elevators using twelve shafts. The elevators function via magnetic levitation technology without cables reaching maximum speeds of up to 64.8 km/h. Officially inaugurated in October 2017, the test tower is now also open to the public.

At a height of 220 metres, there is a conference level with a seminar room. Amptown System Company GmbH Hamburg equipped this room with a cutting-edge sound system from Fohhn: A digital Airea system comprising two active LX-60 ASX line source speakers and two active AS-22 ASX subwoofers has been installed. The loudspeakers are driven from an AM-20 Airea Master module.

This system is ideal for sound reinforcement in conference rooms. The elegant, timeless design of the compact loudspeaker systems perfectly complements the modern design of the room.

We congratulate Amptown System Company on this successful installation.

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