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Textil Werk, Bocholt (Germany)

TextilWerk Bocholt was opened as a factory museum in 1989. A boilerhouse with chimney, machine room, production hall, workshop, offices, warehousing, gatehouse and lodge all form part of a Munsterlandisch textile mill dating from the turn of the last century. Today, the impressive four-storey red brick building functions as a textile museum and exhibition space. Textile culture past and present is brought to life in this monument to the industry through successful exhibitions that give visitors an insight into historical and contemporary techniques, fashion design and international textile culture. The various exhibition spaces and a glass roof café also host concerts, cabarets, murder/mystery evenings and a range of other events.One of the spaces has been equipped with Fohhn loudspeaker systems. Main coverage is provided by two Linea LX-150 line source systems, an XS-10 active subwoofer and XSP-10 passive sub. Two LX-100 systems function as out fills, with four LX-11 speakers around the stage area. Delay lines are provided by two LX-100s and XS-10/XSP-10 subs. We congratulate Firms TopRent on this successful installation!

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