Each year, during the first weekend in December, a major fundraising event takes place in France – the Téléthon. The event is organised by the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM) and the proceeds primarily go towards projects that involve research on genetic diseases. In addition to numerous events of all sizes across France, the public broadcasting network hosts a 30-hour-long live show from Friday evening to Sunday morning to mark the occasion.

The 31st edition of the Téléthon in 2017 was broadcast from the Pavillon Baltard in the commune of Nogent-sur-Marne. For the sound system, the TV studio decided on Focus Modular systems. Stacks consisting of two FM-400 low-mid modules and an FM-110 high frequency module were suspended on each side of the stage. This system was sufficient for providing sound to the entire studio, meaning that no delay line was needed.

Thanks to Fohhn Beam Steering Technology, the dispersion of the line source speaker can be adjusted electronically, which meant that the system was able to provide the auditorium with targeted sound without disrupting the TV audio. Additionally, Fohhn Beam Steering Technology means that there is no longer any need for mechanical adjustment of the position of the speakers. As such, they could be integrated seamlessly into the studio set and were almost invisible on TV screens.

We would like to congratulate everybody involved in the success of the show!

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