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Technical University, Wildau (Germany)

The Technical University of Wildau is the largest institution of its kind in the state of Brandenburg. Continuing the tradition established by the former School of Engineering in Wildau, the university’s teaching focuses on Mechanical Engineering, Telematics and Logistics, as well as Economics and Management.

As part of a recent, large-scale renovation project, the Technical University has been expanded with the addition of three new buildings. The project has included combining a new auditorium centre together with the university’s Audimax lecture theatre in a listed factory building (Halle 17), part of which has retained its original character while accommodating the new build. Within this new complex, new Fohhn systems have been installed. In the Audimax, two Linea Focus LFI-220 beam steering systems have been mounted to the left and right of the large projection wall, with two AS-10 subwoofers providing additional low frequency reinforcement. Various other smaller lecture rooms have also been equipped with Fohhn systems, such as Halle 16 in which an Arc-Series AT-05 compact loudspeaker has been combined with a Linea-Series AL-50 line source system to ensure clarity of speech and even sound dispersion. In Room 17-0200, a small lecture theatre with balcony, four Linea Focus LFI-120 beam steering systems have been installed. A further two LFI-120 systems have been placed in Lecture Room 17-0030, another small teaching space.

Thanks to PRO VIDEO Handelsgesellschaft mbh of Berlin and congratulations on this successful installation.

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