As Poland’s second largest city, Krakow has a number of opera houses and theatres, one of which is the Teatr Ludowy. Opened in 1955, the theatre has, for a long time, been regarded as Krakow’s most important platform for the avant-garde. After some 60 years, the theatre was recently equipped with a completely new sound system. The demands were high: The Ludowy is first and foremost a typical drama theatre and, as such, would need a sound system that can meet a diverse range of requirements – whether for a production or a live concert. The final choice came down to Fohhn loudspeaker systems, which, due to their unique construction, had proved entirely convincing. The speakers’ discreet, elegant design (and colouring which has been matched to the theatre walls) does not detract from the stage. At the same time, they can provide even sound coverage throughout the audience seating area in a manner that befits the theatre, with a direct perceived sound, a proportional signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic reproduction over the entire frequency range.

A further advantage: The entire system functions faultlessly with all types of microphone – without imposing any constraints on the performers.

The main sound reinforcement system includes two Linea LX-600 line source systems for the main house PA, along with two Arc-Series AT-09 systems used as down fill loudspeakers. Six compact Linea LX-10 speakers have been integrated into the highest platform steps for use as front fills. If the stage is used for live concerts, three mobile AT-08 loudspeakers function as front fills. The system is rounded off with XS-4 subwoofers for low frequency coverage. At each side of the stage, additional coverage is provided by an LX-100 and an LX-60, as well as an LX-150 with an AT-08 as down fill. For concerts, six mobile XM-4 speakers are used as stage monitors. For theatrical performances, four LX-60 and four LX-10 systems have been colour matched to blend with the stage setting and scenery.

Best of all: Whether you ask stage designers or sound technicians, everyone is highly enthusiastic about the new Fohhn sound system. It delivers the required performance levels, as well as efficiently supporting the work of the theatre staff.

Congratulations to DYSTEN on this interesting project.

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