Stuttgart City Hall was equipped with a number of Fohhn audio systems in 2022. Excellent speech intelligibility played an important role, but so did the systems' ability to be integrated with LED screens.

Systems with the Fohhn Beam Steering Technology from the Linea Focus series were used in both plenary halls. Due to the directability of the beams, a very good speech intelligibility is achieved, as disturbing reflections can be avoided. In addition, the beams could be adjusted in such a way that they cover the audience in the back without creating feedback through the microphones in the front.

Linea Subs were also used in the large auditorium. The subwoofers in the slim line source enclosure can be easily integrated into the line. The rich sound made the project managers say: "Never again without". A bulky subwoofer on the floor is therefore no longer necessary.

We congratulate our partners Mevis TV and Wirworx on this successful project.

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