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Ruhr Festival Theatre, Recklinghausen (Germany)

The Ruhr Festival Theatre, with its impressive tiered seating, main and side stages, ranks as one of the 10 largest in Germany, occupying an overall area of approximately 1,200 sqm. Ensuring that each occupant of the theatre’s 1,010 seats can experience identical levels of sound quality presents a challenge for any sound reinforcement system. Loudspeakers must be both powerful, and capable of guaranteeing even coverage. The answer therefore has been to install Fohhn Focus Modular systems, whose vertical beam width and vertical inclination angle can be remotely adjusted, via software, in 0.1° increments. This enables the loudspeaker beams to be precisely targeted towards the required areas.

Fohhn’s Two Beam Technology enables two separate beams to be generated, one to cover the main stalls and the other to provide direct coverage of the balcony area, avoiding the balustrade, which can otherwise result in unwanted reflections.

Fohhn Focus Series loudspeakers are designed to only cover designated areas, so that other parts of the room such as the walls, ceiling or floor do not become acoustically excited and unwanted reflections are therefore kept to a minimum. This is an important factor in achieving greatly improved levels of speech intelligibility and sound quality. The slim, unobtrusive appearance of the loudspeaker modules also enables them to blend effectively into the theatrical surroundings.

Two FMI-400 low-mid modules have been mounted to the left and right of the stage area, each combined with an FMI-100 and FMI-110 high frequency module. A further FMI-400/FMI-110 combination is also flown above the central edge of the stage.

On the stage itself, four XM-4 wedges are used for monitoring, while six Linea LX-11 ultra-compact line source speakers have been placed along the outer edge of the stage for nearfield coverage of the first few audience rows. Two Linea AL-100 systems are additionally used in the auditorium for sound effect reproduction. A further six LX-11 systems are deployed underneath the balcony areas.

Congratulations to Udo Erpenstein GmbH on this successful installation.

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