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Puppet Theatre Festival, Erlangen (Germany)

As a technical partner for the renowned 19th International Puppet Theatre Festival held in the cities of Erlangen, Nürnberg and Fürth, Fohhn Audio AG provided Focus Modular loudspeaker systems in one of the festival’s main venues.

The Puppet Theatre Festival is one of the most important platforms for contemporary puppet, picture and object theatre worldwide. It is an exciting event in which contemporary dance, new media, comedy, nouveau cirque, visual arts and performance, culture and entertainment all come together under the umbrella of classical figure theatre and puppetry. It is also an event that demands the highest artistic and technical standards.

For this reason, Focus Modular systems with beam steering were installed in the Erlanger Redoutensaal which, as a specially devised venue for this event, had no existing technical infrastructure. For sound reinforcement, one Focus Modular FM-400 and one FM-100 module were installed each side of the stage area, supplemented by an XT-4 acting as an optional centre speaker. Two XS-4 subwoofers were also added for extended bass coverage. The rear of the stage was equipped with two high-performance AT-66 loudspeakers, while at the back of the audience area two XT-33 systems were installed for surround coverage. For added flexibility within the venue, four XT-22 loudspeakers were also available for mobile application as required.

Both the quality and flexibility of the Fohhn loudspeakers was well and truly proven during the festival. Each of the visiting performance groups had very specific and demanding requirements from the various Fohhn systems. Some performances needed extremely precise playback of electronic soundscapes, while others demanded excellent levels of speech intelligibility, due to the number of radio mics used. Musicians were also on stage, performing in all kinds of styles. Their sound needed to be reproduced with the best possible quality. The Fohhn systems coped with all these demands, delivering outstanding results.

Congratulations to the organisers, artists and technicians on this excellent festival. We are delighted to have been involved in the event!

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