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Oracle, Düsseldorf (Germany)

The American multinational Oracle Corporation is one of the world’s largest software manufacturers. The corporation is represented in Germany by a total of eleven field offices, including one in Düsseldorf. In this particular office, a large three-way divisible conference room was equipped with new media systems.

The company zgoll: Konferenzraum GmbH was responsible for the room’s media concept and chose high-quality loudspeakers from Fohhn. Four white Linea Focus DLI-130 loudspeakers are deployed in here: Depending on the required scenario, the electronically controllable line source speakers can be mounted, using specially manufactured stands, in six different positions within the conference room or its subspaces. Thanks to integrated Fohhn Beam Steering technology, the Linea Focus systems are able to provide highly accurate sound coverage for all conference participants.

The subspaces have also been equipped with three Holzmedia W8 media steles. Integrated into each of these is a two-channel audio system from Fohhn. Each media stele is equipped with MT-05.01 speakers, which have been optimized to deliver best possible levels of speech intelligibility for web conferencing and perfect media sound reproduction. This system comprises two high performance loudspeaker units specially developed for integration into media steles, plus a separate, compact DSP amplifier unit with suitably programmed user presets.

We congratulate zgoll on this successful project.

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