Novena Church in Singapore may look hundreds of years old in its Gothic style, but it was only built in the 50s of the 20th century. From 2014 to 2017, it then underwent an extensive refurbishment in which a system of Fohhn speakers and system amplifiers were installed. The speakers integrate perfectly into the interior and are hardly visible at first glance.

As main PA, architect Melvin Gamayot has cleverly integrated LFI-450 line source speakers into the columns of the Gothic church. The Fohhn Beam Steering technology of these line source speakers allows mounting them vertically and directing the sound electronically onto the church pews. The technology also effectively prevents reflections from the ceiling and walls, ensuring excellent speech intelligibility.

Four LFI-120 and three LFI-220 line source speakers, six LX-60 line source speakers and four LX-11 compact speakers were also installed to cover the entire church interior. These systems are also discreetly integrated in recessed spaces.

For bass reproduction, AS-22 and AS-31 subwoofers are used, partly as cardioid arrays. One D-2.1500 and four D-4.750 system amplifiers drive the subwoofers and the passive LX speakers.

Fohhn would like to thank David Seow of CLS and congratulate on this successful project!

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