Presenter Jörg Pilava started the new decade with a New Year's show, which was broadcast on German, Austrian and Swiss public service TV. Guests like Francine Jordi, the Hermes House Band, magician duo Ehrlich Brothers and Madcon appeared on the show broadcasted from the Offenburg Exhibition Centre. They entertained the audience for four hours with hits, pop and evergreens.

The production placed high demands on the sound system. For one, the loudspeakers could not interfere with the cameras or the light and therefore they had to be hung at a height of eight metres. On the other hand, they had to specifically target the audience and not interfere with the microphones, which would impair the television sound. That’s why B&R Medientechnik, who was responsible for the sound system, relied on a decentralised system consisting of Focus Modular, Focus Venue, Perform and the X Series.

As a main PA next to the stage, a rig consisting of an FM-100 and an FM-110 high frequency module as well as two FM-400 low-mid modules and two DLM-300 low-mid extensions were hung on each side. The large grandstand was filled with an FV-200 low-mid module and two FV-100 high frequency modules on the left and right. PT-70 fullrange speakers were used for the side stands and as fills. LX-11 nearfield speakers and XT-10 fullrange speakers served as near and front fill, and XM-4 monitors were used on the stage. For the bass reproduction there were six PS-850 subwoofers under the stands. The passive speaker systems were driven with DI system amplifiers.

We thank B&R Medientechnik for implementing this project!

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