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Museum of the Future, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Future audio with 300 Fohhn speakers – Museum of the Future, Dubai

With our Fohhn Airea system, we were able to support these experiences in the different exhibition areas of the Museum of the Futures and provide a perfect atmospheric sound. Different worlds of the future are simulated on each of the museum's five floors. Visitors can even experience a spaceship journey all the way to the ISS. The shape of the Museum of the Future is amazing and, above all, unique. Nevertheless, it has a meaning: The round exterior shape of the building itself stands for humanity. The green hill on which the building was built is meant to symbolize the earth. The empty space in the "inside" of the building is the unknown future.

The cooperation with our partner AVI-SPL in Dubai was professional, friendly and smooth.
Thank you to medienprojekt p2 GmbH and Atelier Brückner for the great planning.

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