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Münsterkirche Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

In the course of a complete renovation of the Münsterkirche Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen, the sound solution was also completely revised and adapted to the current use of the church. The company Gallus Media from St. Gallen was commissioned with the A/V planning, which turned to Fohhn again due to the great experiences and results in the monastery church of St. Gallen. A main concern of the church was to be able to realize the different sound directions and applications of the church with as few loudspeakers and as unobtrusively as possible. Finally, it was also necessary to convince the monument preservation authorities and the municipal Building Construction Office. For the sound reinforcement of the nave, 2x DLI-330 Beam Steering loudspeakers were chosen. The vertical dispersion of the systems with Fohhn Beam Steering Technology can be adjusted via software, effectively preventing annoying reflections from the ceiling and rear wall. In a test on site, it was determined that due to the very wide dispersion angle of 100°, they are also capable of providing sound to the side aisles up to the back row at a distance of almost 30m.

The area behind the altar, which is included for youth services and concerts or used individually, should have the possibility to be sounded in two directions. Thus two LC-220 provide there for optimal sound distribution and in the opposite direction for the individual use of the quad two LC-150 provide for good speech intelligibility and optimal coverage. In the choir two LC-60 were installed which support the LC-150. Since the columns of the church are under monument protection, floor stands for all loudspeakers were custom-built by a local metalworker. Next to the altar another LC-60 provides intelligibility at close range and for musical contributions there is an output for an active subwoofer at the same location. All passive loudspeakers are driven by Fohhn MA system amplifiers in a Dante version.

We thank all involved for the trust and the pleasant cooperation in this project and wish the operators many years of pleasure with the new sound system.
Planning: Gallus Media, St. Gallen
Installation: Outstanding Events, Schaffhausen

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