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Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (Switzerland)

At 3,883 metres above sea level, the Matterhorn glacier paradise is the highest viewing platform in Europe, offering a breathtaking 360° panorama across the Swiss, Italian and French Alps. The peak restaurant, chairlift station and glacier palace are equipped with an outstanding Fohhn loudspeaker system.

Visitors arrive at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise station via one of two chair lifts and can walk to the glacier palace through an ice tunnel that is 15 metres below the glacier surface. Subtle lighting and ethereal sounds provide the background to a magical world of glaciers and impressive ice sculptures that are regularly renewed.

Eight EasyPort FP-2 were installed at the glacier paradise, which ensures clear sound results in a breathtaking world of ice. The cable-free loudspeaker systems designed especially for outdoor applications and demanding environments were chosen due to their compact and light design alongside an outstanding, natural sound even at icy temperatures.

At the station, two AT-09 2-way, compact, high performance systems greet arriving visitors.

At the peak restaurant of the glacier paradise, another extensive loudspeaker system was installed which perfectly suits the bright and modern interior of the restaurant. In order to optimally fill all areas of the restaurant with even sound, 16 AT-06 and three AT-05 were installed on the roof beams. These loudspeakers were selected because they ensure excellent full range music playback in compact housing with an elegantly rounded design. D-4.750 system amplifiers supply the system with power.

Congratulations on this successful installation!

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