Since 1949, the Konstanz Lake Night Festival has been regularly taking place in August, coinciding with the “Fantastical” in the neighbouring Swiss municipality of Kreuzlingen. Lake Constance’s biggest folk festival attracts up to 50,000 visitors each year. The live performances range from rock and pop to techno, hiphop, comedy, cabaret, gastronomy, and much more. The final lake fireworks are the highlight of the Lake Night Festival, being among the biggest of their kind.

In 2018, the summer festival, which lasts several days (consisting of a three-day festival in the municipal gardens and the Lake Night Festival itself), was organised by the Stuttgart communication agency Full Moon. The company J&C Veranstaltungstechnik from Constance was responsible for the technical implementation of the festival with its five stages in total.

The Sparda Festival Stage, the main stage on the Little Venice Festival Square, was managed by Hechinger AMS Alpha Media Solutions GmbH. The line-up included, among others, the band Granada performing in Austrian dialect, the indie-rockers Kytes from Munich, A Tale of Golden Keys from Nuremberg and the Swiss Palko!Muski.

The stage was equipped with a comprehensive Fohhn Concert Sound system: As a main PA, each side of the stage boasted Focus Venue line arrays. Three stacked FV-100 high frequency modules hung in the middle next to four stacked FV-200 low-mid frequency modules in order to achieve an acoustic centre at the same height. 18 PS-850 high-performance subwoofers were placed in front of the stage in six stacks of three each in a cardioid array. In the two stacks on the outside, two PT-70 full-range systems functioned as near- and outfills. The subwoofers were powered by ten DI-2.2000 high-performance amplifiers.

In addition, on each side of the stage, a PT-70 on top of a PS-850 was used as sidefills. Added to these were nine XM-4 stage monitors and two XT-5 systems for emergency evacuations and important announcements. A further five DI-4.1000 amplifiers were used.

We want to congratulate all the companies involved for the successful execution of the festival and say thank you for using our loudspeaker systems.

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