In course of a general overhaul of the A/V technology in the monastery cathedral, a flexible, visually unobtrusive and flexible sound reinforcement solution was sought. Live streams are now also transmitted via video from the church, for which various cameras and a live control room were installed. The nave itself is sounded with a decentralized solution consisting of LX-150, LX-100 and LX-60. AS-22 are used as front subs, so that the bass range is homogeneously distributed in the entire nave and not too large levels have to be delivered by the front subs, another 4x XS-10 active subs are placed in the confessionals to the left and right of the nave, which were adjusted to the front subs via internal delay. For the upper altar/choir, beam steering products of the DLI series were chosen due to the greater distances to be covered. Here 2x DLI-330 Dante are used as main speakers, for internal services which are held in the opposite direction 2x DLI-230 Dante are used, depending on the application all 4 speakers can also be combined.

"The reverberation time in the St.Gallen Cathedral is over 6 seconds - with Fohhn, we succeeded in realizing an optically discreet sound reinforcement system that gives the speakers a great deal of creative freedom and can still be used for the sound-neutral amplification of music over a wide bandwidth. Thanks to the trial sound reinforcement by Sennheiser Switzerland, the planned concept could be successfully tested before realization." - Johannes Widmer, CEO GALLUS MEDIA AG

We would like to thank the company Gallus Media in St.Gallen for the planning and great implementation of this project.

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