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Kater Club, Zurich (Switzerland)

Fans of louder guitar sounds have a new meeting place at Zurich’s Kanonengasse 33 since 2018: the Kater Club. The location is not unfamiliar to hardcore rock ‘n’ roll fans. For a quarter of a century it was home to “Le Cactus”, the popular biker restaurant. Following a complete renovation, it re-opened during mid-September – with a new name and concept. The three new proprietors, Christian Gremelmayr (former Abart Club manager and DJ of the legendary Masters of Rock Party), Dani Beck (rock DJ and former host and editor of the SRF cult programmes Weekend Music/Musicnight) and Päsce Rebierre (known for 10 years as a barkeeper in venues like Mata Hari, Sansibar or Kinski) are big rock fans themselves.

Christian Gremelmayr had already had good experiences with Fohhn loudspeakers in two other bars. Consequently, the choice for this venue came down to the South German manufacturer’s systems. The new sound system was planned by Sennheiser Schweiz AG and installed by A.J. Steimer AG from Zurich.

Two Arc AT-201 full-range systems serve as the main PA for DJ sets and occasional live concerts. Due to lack of space, two AS-10 compact subwoofers have been placed under the extremely deep stage. In addition, five AT-05 systems are spread around the venue. For amplification, two D-4.750 DSP-controlled digital amps are used.

Thanks to an FR-10 Fohhn-Net remote controller, the bar personnel can quickly and easily switch between presets for bar coverage, DJ performances or live use and adjust the level of the entire system.

We congratulate Sennheiser Schweiz AG and A.J. Steimer AG on this successful project and thank the club’s proprietors for their confidence in us.

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