Over 3.5 million euros were donated by viewers of the 25th José Carreras Gala in December 2019 in aid of the fight against leukaemia. The gala was hosted by world-famous opera singer José Carreras. He has been actively involved in efforts dedicated to leukaemia research and awareness, as well as related structural measures, since he himself was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1987. He was accompanied by countless other guests, such as Peter Maffay, Barbara Schöneberger, Matt Simons and Herbert Grönemeyer in his fundraising campaign.

The event was broadcast on television from the Leipzig Conference Centre (Messehalle), and was broadcast live on MDR television. In order to offer the 2,500-strong studio audience optimal voice clarity and sound quality, the AV company tasked with this project, B&R Medientechnik, decided on a central Focus Venue system, which was used without a delay line.

The main PA system consisted of sets of three FV-200 low-mid modules and two FV-100 high frequency modules to the left and right of the stage. Another FV-200 module and two FV-100 modules were also used in a central array. PT-70 fullrange speakers were used to provide sound to the front section of the audience. XM-4 monitors were suspended on trusses over the stage, meaning that they were not visible on television. PS-850 subwoofers were placed beneath the stage. The PT-70 and XM-4 speakers were driven with DI-4.2000, and the subwoofers were driven with DI-2.4000.

We would like to thank B&R Medientechnik for implementing this project.

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