Since February 2017, worshippers at the Jeil Methodist Church in Wonju, South Korea, have been benefitting from much-improved sound coverage thanks to new Fohhn loudspeaker systems. Point source systems had previously been in use at the church, with additional delay speakers in the main worship and gallery areas. As well as spoiling the general “look” of the interior, these systems had now become unable to meet the church’s increasingly varied sound reinforcement requirements, for example for choral and band performances alongside more traditional worship. A new sound system was therefore needed: One that could integrate easily and unobtrusively into the surroundings, while delivering best possible results for the reproduction of speech and music.

Following a technical “shoot out” between four well-known audio manufacturers, installation company LNS Corporation Korea – Fohhn’s distributor in South Korea – finally went for Fohhn Beam Steering systems: Functionality and visual integration having ultimately tipped the scales in favour of the German manufacturer.

Behind the raised altar area, two Focus Modular systems have been installed: Two 3-metre high speaker columns, each consisting of two FMI-400 low-mid modules and one FMI-100 high frequency module, have been mounted to the left and right of the organ on the back wall. The speakers’ slim linear design blends in perfectly with the organ pipes and stone columns.

All modules are used in Two Beam mode, enabling them to deliver even sound coverage over the entire congregational area (including the gallery). The module beams have been configured so that they travel over the altar area – avoiding the lectern and microphone – to directly target all the seating. This avoids any risk of feedback caused by a convex beam.

The system’s low frequency coverage has been extended with the addition of four Fohhn XS-30 compact subwoofers. These are positioned on both sides of the altar area and are driven by a Fohhn D-2.1500 digital DSP amplifier.

The Focus Modular systems have quickly proved themselves, delivering highest levels of speech intelligibility during services, and excellent sound quality during choral, band or orchestral performances.

We congratulate LNS on this successful installation.

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