“Immer wieder sonntags” is part of the Sunday morning program of the German public service TV. The program is produced by SWR and broadcast live from the “Europapark” amusement park in Rust, Germany. The most important part of the program are the performances of artists from schlager and folk music. For the sound reinforcement of the live audience, the team from “Immer wieder sonntags” relies on a Focus Modular System.

The demands for the sound system are high: it has to cover the entire auditorium without interfering with the television sound. At the same time, the speakers have to blend into the backdrop. On top of that, “Immer wieder sonntags” is recorded outdoors, so the equipment can get wet.

A system comprising FM-400 low-mid modules and FM-110 high frequency modules was selected, which were hung on the left and right of the stage. In order to integrate the rigs almost invisibly into the backdrop, they were covered with fabric and arranged in a straight line. No mechanical inclination is needed as the dispersion behaviour of the loudspeakers can be electronically aligned to the audience using Fohhn Beam Steering Technology. Since the modules are packed in sound-permeable rain covers, they can withstand any weather.

In the middle of the stage is also an FM-100 module as a centrepiece. LX-150 line source speakers serve as side fills, and XM-4 loudspeakers are used as stage monitors.

We would like to congratulate everybody involved in this successful installation!

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