5-star sound system for the Zurich luxury hotel
The Widder is a jewel of the Swiss luxury hotel industry that is waiting to be discovered. Seven centuries of history lie within its walls: Today's hotel is made up of nine formerly separate medieval residential buildings. In the course of a partial renovation, the A/V infrastructure has been also renewed in order to be able to respond better and more flexibly to current applications and requirements of the guests. For the spoken word, two DLI-230s in special colours are used, which transport the sound precisely to the listener with their beam steering technology. For the party guests, two LX-600 hybrid line array speakers in combination with an XS-22 subwoofer in the rear part of the room provide a good sound pressure level despite being visually inconspicuous.

Widder Restaurant and Bar
For the live music, two XT-1s with an AS-22 subwoofer were chosen, driven by a DI-4.1000 system amplifier. For the bar itself, a total of twelve LX-20 ASX and two AS-10 ASX subs from the Airea series are used. Due to their active design, the sound reinforcement concept can be changed from live to bar operation at the touch of a button, and EQ'ing, delay times and levels of the individual loudspeakers can be adjusted. In the restaurant and show kitchen, twelve LX-10 ASX and one AS-06 ASX subwoofer in a special colour provide the right ambience.

We would like to thank the Habegger company for the successful planning and installation and wish the Widder Hotel continued pleasure with our products.

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