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Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart (Germany)

As a forum for innovative companies and foreign business partners the “Haus der Wirtschaft” (“House of Economy”) provides function rooms for exhibitions, ceremonies, conferences and much more. One of the conference rooms, the “König-Karl-Halle”, received a new sound system from Fohhn. The once splendidly equipped 670 sqm central room can accommodate up to 666 people.

The choice was Focus Modular Systems with Fohhn Beam Steering technology. Two FMI-400 in combination with a FMI-100 were installed to the right and left of the stage area. The compact high-performance modules are particularly well suited for this spacious and elevated room, as they blend unobtrusively into the ambience and architecture while providing excellent sonic results despite the hard reverberant glass walls. This is due to the beam steering technology which allows the sound to cover exactly the listening area while reflections of the hard surfaces can be avoided.

The “Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg” in Stuttgart, Germany was built in the late 19th century for the Royal Centre of Trade and Commerce. In the 1980s the magnificent museum was eventually developed into the “Haus der Wirtschaft”. Ever since then the main purpose of the institution has been national and international economic development.

We thank and congratulate Meine Mediatec for this successful installation!

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