Founded in 1952 as a family-owned company, Hanwha is currently one of South Korea’s largest corporate groups, active in a wide range of areas (such as chemicals, telecommunications, logistics, armaments, insurance and construction). It therefore goes without saying that a corporation of this magnitude would only want the most advanced audio technology. At the start of this year, several rooms at Hanwha’s corporate headquarters in Seoul were equipped with Fohhn loudspeakers. The installation included an auditorium and two large conference rooms. System integrator Stagenet – one of Fohhn’s Korean partners – was responsible for both the sound and lighting.

The Auditorium
A highlight of this project has proved to be the new, futuristic looking auditorium in which audience seating stands can be retracted or extended, as required, at the touch of a button. Here, loudspeaker systems were needed that could fulfil a range of requirements: They would have to blend in with the auditorium’s metallic walls and neon lighting, thus appearing virtually undetectable. They would also have to guarantee first-class speech intelligibility and flawless sound reproduction. To meet these demands, Focus Modular systems have been installed on either side of the stage, forming the main PA system. These modular loudspeakers are remarkable for their integrated Fohhn Beam Steering Technology, which enables the speaker beam to be precisely controlled, in real time, using electronics and software. The systems installed in the auditorium each consist of one FMI-400 low-mid module and one FMI-110 high frequency module. In front of the stage, four XS-4 passive subwoofers have been configured as a horizontal bass array, with four XM-4 systems serving as stage monitors. A passive AT-661w two-way loudspeaker system has also been added above the stage portal for central coverage. Along each of the side walls, four Arc-Series AT-09 two-way compact systems have been installed: These passive loudspeakers are mounted directly below the ceiling from where they can deliver perfect surround sound. All passive loudspeakers are driven by Fohhn’s high performance D-2.1500 and D-4.750 digital amplifiers. A sophisticated lighting design, together with the darker housing colour of the loudspeakers, has meant that all systems have integrated almost invisibly.

The Conference Rooms
In addition to the Auditorium installation, two conference rooms have also had new Fohhn loudspeakers. Both of these rooms have been equipped with state-of-the-art media systems that include, for example, a small screen for each conference participant, which can be automatically stowed in the conference table after use. In both rooms, two Linea LX-100 loudspeakers (one system per side) are being used for screen sound, with an AT-09 serving as a central system in each case. For optimum reproduction of low frequencies, the larger of the two conference rooms has been equipped with two XS-30 active subwoofers, while the smaller room has two AS-22 active subs. For the purpose of providing additional speech reinforcement, both rooms have also been equipped with six high performance, yet unobtrusive LX-10 compact loudspeakers (three on each side of the room).

During the installation, Fohhn Sound Expert and Engineer Ralf Freudenberg was on site, both as an adviser and to support the Stagenet team during the loudspeaker calibration process. His verdict on the project: “Perfect integration of the very latest audio systems!”

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