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Gospel Church, Stuttgart (Germany)

Thanks to an ambitious priest who wanted to breathe new life into his church, the “Gospel im Osten” project was started 10 years ago at the Heilandskirche in Stuttgart. The project was open to anyone, with no previous experience required in order to take part. Out of this original idea came a choir which, over the years, has expanded its membership to around 400 singers. With the church no longer able to accommodate everyone, the choir has since moved to Stuttgart’s Friedenskirche where its success story has duly continued.

Originally dating from 1892, the neo-romanesque style Friedenskirche was destroyed during the Second World War, but was rebuilt in 1966. A modern worship area has now been added accommodating 600 people. In the meantime, the gospel choir has been recording its own CDs and DVDs of the concerts are also sold. This has meant installing a loudspeaker system in the church that can offer appropriately high standards of sound quality and reproduction. To meet these requirements, two Fohhn Linea LX-600 loudspeakers have been provided as the main PA, with additional low frequency coverage from two XS-4 subwoofers. Due to the extremely powerful load-bearing capacity of the speaker components, the LX-600 systems guarantee a clear, well-balanced and dynamic sound. Voices sound natural, clear and powerful. Speech is also clear and pleasant to listen to. For near-field coverage, two Arc-Series AT-07 loudspeakers are used, with a Linea LX-100 system deployed as a central loudspeaker. Sound coverage for the gallery is provided by an LX-150 system, with further LX-150s used alongside XT-1 and XT-22 speakers as monitoring for the choir and the band. The installation has been completed with a range of D-2.1500 and D-4.750 Class D amplifiers.

We’d like to thank Alber Audio from Filderstadt and congratulate them on this successful sound reinforcement project.

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