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German Hygiene Museum, Dresden

A more interesting and versatile project than its rather “clinical” name first suggests! The busy venue also plays host to a range of conferences, lectures and concerts. 2010 saw the renovation of the museum’s large and small function rooms, which have seating for 450 and 200 visitors respectively. The brief for the new sound system was clear: in this protected historical building, no loudspeakers must be visible. The speakers were required to be installed flat in the wall, hidden behind special acoustic material. Mechanical adjustment would not therefore be possible. In order to directly target the audience, it would require the installation of an electronically steerable loudspeaker system: A perfect opportunity for Focus. Therefore, two LFI-120 and two LFI-220 have been installed as near field and main system.

The vertical inclination angle of the loudspeakers can be finely adjusted in steps of 0.1°, enabling the audience to be precisely targeted. This also enables the best possible speech intelligibility to be achieved in a room with lots of reflective surfaces. Fohhn engineers recommended the special acoustic material after thoroughly testing its sound permeability in the Fohhn SoundLab.

We congratulate our certified Fohhn partner Mediatronic, Dresden under the leadership of Steffen Dressler on this successful installation!

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