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FAN Mallorca (Spain)

Since its opening in September 2016, FAN has quickly become rated as one of Europe’s most innovative retail spaces. Located just outside Palma, the new mall combines shopping and leisure like no other facility: In addition to its open, inviting shops, the centre boasts a large supermarket, a cinema complex, an adventure and entertainment centre, restaurants and much more.

FAN Majorca fundamentally aims to provide visitors with a shopping mall they can experience with all five senses: “Hearing” is catered for with state-of-the-art audio systems in a digital Cobra-Net network, including a MediaMatrix Nion audio processor. The various playlists used for musical coverage of the mall can be automatically adapted to suit weather conditions or particular visitor groups. Acoustic brand management (i.e. audio branding) enables customers to experience completely different melodic environments in each area of the mall, courtesy of music from DJ and producer Carlos Jean.

Fohhn loudspeakers play a central role in this special “acoustic shopping experience”. Compact, passive Arc-Series loudspeakers have been installed throughout the entire complex – inside and out. These include 74 AT-61 and 12 AT-07 models, as well as passive AS-10 subwoofers.

In addition, 20 Linea LX-100 line source systems have been installed in the external parking areas – these are mounted to the car park lighting masts in clusters of 4. The multi-storey car park has been equipped with 104 ultra-compact LX-10 loudspeakers. The extensive installation is rounded off with two LX-60 compact loudspeakers and two subwoofers, which provide the accompanying sound for a giant outdoor LED screen.

Congratulations to our Spanish partner, Neotecnica, on this impressive project!

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