Since 1st July 2015, visitors to the Energy, Education and Experience Center (EEZ) in Aurich have been able to experience a range of need-to-know facts about energy and natural forces in a 1600 sqm exhibition space and a 6800 sqm outdoor area: The interactive Energie.Zukunft (Energy.Future) exhibition covers topics such as solar and wind energy, and introduces standard energy concepts while focussing on future challenges.

An exhibition highlight is the “Energy Tower”: Equipped with an IOSONO sound system, the 10 m high tower offers a 360° view and surround sound. The system comprises an IOSONO CORE audio processor, 30 compact Airea LX-10 ASX active loudspeakers with a white powder-coated finish, two black AS-10 ASX subwoofers, plus three Airea Master Modules (two AM-40 and an AM-10). The various loudspeakers are installed on three levels.

In addition to Barco (IOSONO), credit for successfully implementing the surround system goes to Ultramar Labs (sound design), FUNA (technical installation) und Impuls Design (overall concept).

In the EEZ event space, two white Linea Focus LFI-220 systems with Fohhn Beam Steering technology were additionally installed under contract to Heydel GmbH.

For general sound coverage throughout the entire exhibition space, Fohhn’s elegant AT-05 compact loudspeakers have been installed.

Congratulations to all the companies involved in this project!

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