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Dominican Church, Bamberg (Germany)

Although belonging to the University of Bamberg for the last 17 years, the Dominikanerkirche’s potential as a lecture hall, concert, conference and examination venue has only been fully realized during the last year. Consecrated in 1400, this church building was once part of Bamberg’s Dominican monastery, whose cloister block is now home to the State Building Authority and whose courtyard is the Schenkerla Brewery’s beer garden. After an extensive redesign and renovation, the former church was finally reopened as an auditorium in 2015.

Alterations were not merely confined to those of a visual nature: In addition to a complete colour redesign in white, three to four tonnes of heavy duty partition walling was built between the main aisle and the two side aisles in order to divide up the room space and create sound insulation. The walls would also help improve the acoustic conditions of the building, which had a lengthy reverberation time.

Following a successful demo with Fohhn loudspeaker systems, there was no question regarding the auditorium’s new sound system: Linea Focus. These line source speakers are equipped with Fohhn Beam Steering Technology, so their vertical beam dispersion characteristics can be precisely adjusted in real time, using a PC and Fohhn Audio Soft control software. This also means that unwanted reflections can be avoided.

In accordance with the plans created by Ingenieurbüro Bamberger, Thomann Audio Professional installed a total of three Linea Focus systems: Two LFI-350 forming the main PA system for the seating area, along with an LFI-220 for the former choir area. Mounted flat against two supporting pillars, the white systems appear visually unobtrusive while delivering the highest levels of speech intelligibility – even at the very back.

The planners and installers were supported by Fohhn planning engineer Frank Strohmer who took care of the detailed calibration and alignment of the loudspeakers.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this successful installation.

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