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Cunerakerk, Rhenen (Netherlands)

Named after a legendary saint and built between 1492 and 1532, the Cunerakerk in Rhenen (Netherlands) is an impressive example of late Gothic architecture. Until recently, the church, which was restored during the 1950s, had only been used for worship. However, requests from the community for the building to host additional activities such as classical concerts and lectures highlighted the need for a new sound system – one capable of delivering the best possible results for a variety of applications, without visually compromising the Cunerakerk’s historic architecture.

HGT Beeld & Geluid, the company responsible for installing this new system, opted for a rather unique solution in the form of freestanding, electronically steerable loudspeakers, which – mounted on Arc-Series AS-22 subwoofers – stand a proud four metres high. In short: Fohhn Linea Focus LFI-350 line source speakers with Beam Steering technology.

Earlier computer simulations had revealed that a conventional system with lots of column speakers would not deliver the required results. However, subsequent tests using the LFI-350 had HGT immediately convinced: Just two strategically positioned loudspeaker systems could deliver amazingly even levels of sound coverage throughout the entire church. Even in the farthest corners, the degree of speech intelligibility had proved outstanding.

For additional coverage at the height of the choir and at each side of the rood screen, Linea AL-50 line source systems were installed. These speakers are run-time optimized, but can also be used independently of the LFI-350s for smaller applications.

Operating the sound system is an extremely user-friendly process: Using a small keypad, the various microphones can easily be switched on or off from the Sexton’s chair. Larger events at the Cunerakerk can also be catered for at the touch of a button: Here, control is in conjunction with a connected mixing desk. Because the main sound system involves two Fohhn subwoofers in addition to the two LF-350 systems, highest levels of sound quality can also be guaranteed for the reproduction of both live and recorded music.

The church community and HGT are very happy with this new, efficient and reliable system.

Congratulations to everyone on this successful installation.

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