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Conference rooms Schulthess Clinic, Zurich

Named after its founder, the paediatrician, general practitioner, orthopaedic and internal medicine specialist Wilhelm Schulthess (1855 – 1917), the Schulthess Clinic in Zürich is regarded as one of Europe’s leading orthopaedic centres. With more than 900 employees, the clinic, which was founded in 1883 as an orthopaedic institute, offers state-of-the-art medicine in a range of different areas, while supporting a well-established scientific research department. Moreover, the clinic has been appointed as a Swiss Olympic Medical Centre and acts, among other things, as a research and assessment centre for FIFA.

At the start of 2016, new sound systems were installed in the Schulthess Clinic’s main hall and the large conference room. Büro Schach Werkhaus AG, who were responsible for the project planning and implementation, decided on Beam Steering systems from Fohhn.

In the main hall, LFI-220 systems have been installed on each side of the stage. The two electronically steerable line source systems are more than sufficient to evenly cover the 140 seats. Mounted flat against the wall, the slim Focus systems integrate seamlessly into the modern room interior. For low frequency reproduction, four AS-10 subwoofers have been installed. These are fitted with specially sized, custom manufactured front grilles that are designed to completely cover the cut-out sections along the front of the stage.

In the conference room, whose size can be altered by the use of dividing walls, two Focus line source systems have also been installed. Three presets are used for adjusting the LFI-120’s settings to suit the various room configurations. So, the loudspeakers’ beam dispersion can be effectively optimized – depending on whether sound coverage is required for front half of the room only, for both halves, or for the whole room together with the foyer.

We thank Büro Schoch Werkhaus AG for implementing this excellent project.

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