The Confederation of Danish Industry is a private organisation that represents the collective interests of over 10,000 Danish businesses. Its aim is to help achieve the best working conditions for Danish industry on both national and international levels, as well as raising the profile and competitive edge of the businesses themselves.

Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, the organisation’s headquarters is a low-energy building designed with sustainability and green growth in mind. The canteen and several small meeting rooms have all been equipped with Fohhn passive line source systems and ceiling loudspeakers.

Linea Focus electronically steerable line array systems on Free Stand tripods form the basis of a mobile system, used as required, for sound coverage in the 50-metre long foyer with its reflective stone surfaces.

In the conference room, which also contains a number of reflective surfaces including glass, Focus Modular FMI-400 low-mid and FMI-110 high frequency systems have been installed, together with a Focus Sub Array comprising four active XS-20 and four passive XSP-2 subwoofers. The Focus Modular systems and subwoofers have all been installed within the wall itself, making them as visually unobtrusive as possible to the room occupants. Thanks to Beam Steering Technology, which is an integral feature of the Fohhn Focus Series, high levels of speech intelligibility can be achieved in both the foyer and conference room. Speaker beams are precisely directed in order to minimize unwanted reflections from the hard surfaces. The performance capability of the systems also guarantees high-quality music reproduction during events.

Our thanks and congratulations to Danish distributor Informationsteknik on the successful implementation of this excellent project.

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