Bass Astral x Igo is the music duo turning the Polish electronic scene on its head. The two artists are breaking the genre’s conventions and creating their own sound. In 2019, they went on tour with their “It’s Dark” programme, backed by a young team and innovative speaker systems from Fohhn.

Producer Kuba Tracz and singer Igor Walaszek have already made music together in the past, as members of rock group Clock Machine. Together, they decided to try a new genre and created Bass Astral x Igo. They quickly built a following throughout Poland and appeared at the country’s largest festivals. Their concerts are characterised by their live dance acts and improvisations.

On the “It’s Dark” tour, a modular Focus Venue system was used as the main PA, whereby the system’s size could be flexibly adjusted, according to the concert venue. The tour equipment comprised a total of 10 FV-100 high frequency modules, 12 FV-200 low-mid modules and 22 PS-850 subwoofers.

Fohhn Beam Steering Technology means that Focus Venue stacks are always straight-flown – without any mechanical curving. This made for quicker assembly and disassembly on tour, and also made it easier to deal with often-difficult acoustics in concert halls. In addition to that, the line arrays saved a lot of space and did not distract attention from the elaborate stage design.

Fohhn Convertible Dispersion Technology integrated into the FV-200 modules enabled one-click switching to cardioid operation, to create quiet on stage. The subwoofers were also partially set up in a cardioid arrangement.

The team used eight PT-70s as outfill speakers and six XT-10s as frontfill speakers. Four XM-4 monitor speakers were also used on stage. These speakers and the PS-850 subwoofers were driven by eleven DI-2.4000, four DI-2.2000 and three DI-4.1000 system amplifiers.

We would like to thank DWS projekt and Dysten for their collaboration, and congratulate everyone involved in the brilliant tour.

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