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Basilica St. Peter, Dillingen (Germany)

St. Peter’s Basilica has a special ecclesiastical status within the town of Dillingen. The triple-nave hall church was built between 1619 and 1628, by master builder Hans Alberthal, on the foundations of previous churches dating from the 13th and 15th centuries. The church has cathedral-like dimensions - 54.8 metres long, 22.3 metres high and 22 metres wide. In 1979, its status was elevated to that of “Basilica minor”, a special papal title that can be bestowed on an important church building.

St. Peter’s Basilica also boasts one of Europe’s finest new organs and regularly hosts an internationally renowned concert series, the “Dillinger Basilikakonzerte”. To ensure the best possible sound quality for both services and concerts, various Fohhn Linea Series line source systems have been installed, including two LX-150, four LX-100 and an AL-50.

Congratulation to Elk GmbH on this successful installation.

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