Situated in the north-east of Chongqing and opened in 1990, the Jiangbei International Airport is one of the largest airports in China and one of the fastest growing in the world. It is currently being expended to include a total of four take-off and landing runways.

Also belonging to the airport is a conference centre. Here, several rooms were recently equipped with new Fohhn loudspeakers. In the centre’s main auditorium, 12 PT-9 WaveLine line array systems were installed: Three arrays, each containing four loudspeaker systems, were mounted above the stage portal behind sound permeable fabric. Also installed were four Linea LX-100 line source systems – two at each side of the stage –, four XT-22 full-range systems for stage monitoring and eight AT-10 passive loudspeakers. Six high performance AS-40 subwoofers were integrated into the front of the stage.

Further AT-10 and XT-22 systems are used for sound reinforcement in the so-called “Meeting Room”, while over 60 CS-04 ceiling loudspeakers have been installed in the “Small Room”.

Congratulations to Shoushan System Integration Ltd. on this successful project!

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