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Abbey Church, Rott am Inn (Germany)

Renowned for its beauty far beyond the borders of Bavaria, the rococo church of St. Marinus and St. Anianus in Rott am Inn was recently equipped with a new sound system. Church concerts and solemn services in the historic and, as is often the case with churches, reverberant setting place high demands on the speaker system: it has to guarantee excellent speech intelligibility as well as superb music reproduction - despite the long reverb time - while at the same time blending inconspicuously with the general aesthetics of the historic church. For these reasons the elegant Fohhn Linea Series line source speakers were chosen.

Two Fohhn LX-220 and another two AL-50 speakers were installed, painted white so that they would blend into the magnificent white church interior almost invisibly. The slim LX-220s are particularly well suited for the difficult acoustic conditions in churches, as they have very directional cylindrical dispersion characteristics while the sound pressure level remains remarkably more constant over distance than would be the case with conventional speaker systems. This positively affects a very even sound dispersion throughout the listening area resulting in an outstanding quality for both music and spoken word.

The former Benedictine Abbey was consecrated in 1763, and in 2002 the total restoration was completed. In addition to the four side altars and the main altar, the magnificent interior of the church is characterised by its fantastic ceiling frescoes in three domes. The Kompas Cultural Travel Guide credits the Bavarian Church as having “probably the most beautiful church interior of the 18th century”.

We congratulate the JAGGO media GmbH for this excellent installation!

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