The first ever episode of the Hit Parade on ZDF was broadcast on 18 January 1969, presented by TV legend Dieter Thomas Heck. Exactly 50 years later, Thomas Gottschalk welcomed viewers to the big anniversary show from Offenburg. This 2.5-hour show looked back at the high points in the history of the Hit Parade that is full of tradition and drew up to 20 million viewers in its time.

The anniversary show featured top-quality guests such as Heino, Marianne Rosenberg, Howard Carpendale, Matthias Reim, Mike Krüger and David Hasselhoff. With countless live acts, they wowed the audience both in the studio and at home.

The Fohhn loudspeaker system used contributed significantly to the success of the event. With Focus Venue, the main sound system was able to effortlessly achieve the high sound pressure level with a balanced sound and the clearest speech. The Arrays, that were hung up to the left, right and centre of the stage, were installed inconspicuously and out of sight of the TV cameras. The system proved to be the ideal choice for the challenging acoustics in the hall. Thanks to the Fohhn Beam Steering Technology, the dispersion could be easily adjusted for the audience in Fohhn Audio Soft. Not least thanks to Fohhn Convertible Dispersion Technology too, it was possible to stop feedback or diffuse noise in the room from becoming a problem for the TV sound. Several PT-70 high-performance loudspeakers were also used as nearfill for the first few rows. RT-4 loudspeakers in the rig above the stage helped with monitoring. PS-850 subwoofers complemented the system in the low end. The passive speakers were operated using DSP amplifiers DI-4.1000 and DI-2.4000 with the suitable speaker presets.

We would like to congratulate B&R Medientechnik for pulling off this fantastic project.

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