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Item number: 6104-XXXXX

The NA-3 is a Fohhn Net Ethernet bridge for integrating Fohhn Net devices into a local Ethernet based network. The Fohhn Net devices can be operated from a PC on the same LAN as the NA-3 with Fohhn Audio Soft.
To integrate Dante devices or software on the network, see Fohhn ABX-5!

Main features

  • Can be used on multiple NA-3s within a network
  • Output of Fohhn Net signals via network cable (RJ-45) or XLR
  • Firmware updates can be sent via Fohhn Net interface and NA-11 USB adapter


Fohhn technologies

Technical data

physical features

dimensions (W × H × D)
105 × 45 × 50 mm

Electronic features

power consumption
1 W
10 Base-T
network configuration
DHCP, static IP
IPv4, Fohhn-Net over UDP
supply voltage
5 – 25 V

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