Item number: 6115-XXXXX

The NA-11 Fohhn Net USB Adapter provides the foundation for configuring all devices connected in a Fohhn Net via a PC. Requiring no time-consuming installation of drivers, the adapter is recognized immediately on the USB interface and transmits the Fohhn Audio Soft commands to Fohhn amplifiers or speakers.

Main features

  • Output of Fohhn Net signals via network cable (RJ-45) or XLR
  • Several devices can be controlled and monitored simultaneously
  • Suitable for very long cable runs
  • Transmission of control signals to the stage also via microphone cable or a multicore


Technical data

Physical features

USB 2.0 Full Speed
dimensions (w × h × d)
105 × 45 × 50 mm

Electronic features

power supply
USB Powered

Interface options

Fohhn Net interface
RJ-45 and XLR, galvanically isolated

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