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FP-22 modular

Item number: 1408-XXXXX

The EasyPort FP-22 is a portable, battery-powered speaker for high-quality, wireless transmission of voice and music. EasyPort is up and running in two minutes and can be operated without any prior technical knowledge. It has numerous connection options and is optionally available with an integrated radio receiver and Bluetooth.

Main features

  • Up to 20 hours of use with just one battery charge cycle
  • Integrated charger with fast charge mode
  • Integrated 4-channel mixer with 2-band EQ
  • XLR and RCA connectors as well as Speakon output for FP-22 passive
  • Perfectly matched 8" / 1" short horn speaker components
  • Processor-controlled 60 W amplifier with high efficiency
  • SPL max. 117 dB
  • Optimized for excellent speech intelligibility
  • Optional installation of up to two radio receivers (9.5")
  • New: Available with built-in Bluetooth receiver for pairing with smartphones, etc.
  • CD player no longer available!


Technical data

Electroacoustic features

acoustic design
active, battery-powered loudspeaker system 2-way, vented design
8" / 1" compression driver with short horn
maximum SPL
117 dB
frequency range
65 Hz – 20 kHz
operational mode
active, battery or AC power operation, Class-H
nominal dispersion (h × v)
100° × 100°

Physical features

multiplex birch plywood
front design
acoustic foam
speaker stand pole
integral, ø 36 mm
approx. 13.5 kg
standard colours
textured paint, black
1 handle
mounting points
2 × M8 thread for U-bracket
dimensions (w × h × d)
approx. 240 × 510 × 270 mm

Optional features

Integrated Bluetooth receiver with USB and SD slot
wireless microphone system
built-in 1 – 2 × 9.5" wireless receiver
optional colours
RAL Classic / NCS / Pantone on request

Electronic features

amplifier power
60 W
bass, treble (shelving)
processor function
autolimiter / subsonic automatic proximity filter


output for FP-22 passive
Speakon NL-4
12V output
12V DC out for external equip., pin ø 2,1 mm
outputs (for recording or stacking)
2 × line RCA jacks / 600 ohms, 1 × XLR sym.
phantom power
12 volts
mixer inputs
2 × ext. mic sym. 2 kOhm, 1 × int. wireless mic 10 kOhm, 2 × line RCA 10 kOhm, 1 × line XLR sym.
line outputs
XLR socket
line inputs
2 × RCA, stereo sum to mono

Power supply

230 V AC
integrated power supply for recharging, IEC cable
1A MTR (5 × 20 mm)
rechargeable battery
12 V / approx. 7,2 Ah
operation time approx. (speech / music)
8 – 18 hours

power rating (peak); maximum SPL: peak, 20 ms with bandpass filtered pink noise signal according to IEC 60268-2 at one octave above the lower limit of the frequency range, with speaker preset
frequency range: -10 dB under anechoic halfspace-conditions with speaker preset
weight: net weight without optional equipment
nominal dispersion: -6 dB compared to the main dispersion axis

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