The Fohhn Airea Master Module AM-50 is the central interface between digital mixing consoles, media controllers or players and the Airea speakers. It has AES/EBU inputs and supplies the active Airea loudspeakers with mains voltage as well as digital audio and DSP control signals via a single network cable. The Fohhn Net interface allows easy control of the extensive DSP and routing options via Fohhn Audio Soft.

Main features

  • Installation size 2 U / 19"
  • Connections: 2 × AES / EBU (RJ-45), Fohhn Net Remote (RJ-45), 8 × Fohhn Airea (RJ-45)
  • Airea Net Load total: 1600 W
  • Up to 32 Airea active loudspeakers can be connected
  • Low latency of only 0.95 ms
  • Temperature-controlled fan
  • Green power standby


Fohhn technologies

Possible interfaces

Technical data


approx. 8.1 kg
dimensions (W × H × D)
1 HE / 480 × 88 × 380 mm

Electronic features

system latency
0.95 ms
protective circuit
soft start, overtemperature, short circuit, overload
Airea Net Load total
1600 W
power factor (PFC)
> 90 %
low power
Green Power Standby Mode
heat dissipation
108 W, 360 BTU/h, 92 kcal/h
temperature range
0 – 40°
temperature controlled fans
maximum cable length

Interface options

Fohhn Net

Inputs and outputs

audio inputs
audio link
audio format
AES/EBU, 32 kHz – 96 kHz, 16/24 bit
audio channels
Airea Net outputs
Airea Net output power
200 watts

Remote control and remote monitoring

remote control
Fohhn Audio Soft, Fohhn-Net
remote monitoring
temperature, protect, signals, power supply, Fohhn Net, Fohhn Audio Soft

Display (front)

Power on / off (standby)
blue = on
protect LED

Display (rear)

Fohhn Net
receive / send
Airea Net active
green = active
Airea Net error
red = error

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