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The Fohhn Airea Master Module AM-50 is the central interface between digital mixing consoles, media controllers or players and the Airea speakers. It has AES/EBU inputs and supplies the active Airea loudspeakers with mains voltage as well as digital audio and DSP control signals via a single network cable. The Fohhn Net interface allows easy control of the extensive DSP and routing options via Fohhn Audio Soft.

Main features

  • Installation size 2 U / 19"
  • Connections: 2 × AES / EBU (RJ-45), Fohhn Net Remote (RJ-45), 8 × Fohhn Airea (RJ-45)
  • Airea Net Load total: 1600 W
  • Up to 32 Airea active loudspeakers can be connected
  • Low latency of only 0.95 ms
  • Temperature-controlled fan
  • Green power standby


Fohhn technologies

Possible interfaces

Technical data

physical features

approx. 8.1 kg
dimensions (W × H × D)
1 HE / 480 × 88 × 380 mm

Electronic features

system latency
0.95 ms
protective circuit
soft start, overtemperature, short circuit, overload
Airea Net Load total
1600 W
power factor (PFC)
> 90 %
low power
Green Power Standby Mode
heat dissipation
108 W, 360 BTU/h, 92 kcal/h
temperature range
0 – 40°
temperature controlled fans
maximum cable length

Interface options

Fohhn Net

Inputs and outputs

audio inputs
audio link
audio format
AES/EBU, 32 kHz – 96 kHz, 16/24 bit
audio channels
Airea Net outputs
Airea Net output power
200 watts

Remote control and remote monitoring

remote control
Fohhn Audio Soft, Fohhn Net
remote monitoring
temperature, protect, signals, power supply, Fohhn Net, Fohhn Audio Soft

Display (front)

Power on / off (standby)
blue = on
protect LED

Display (rear)

Fohhn Net
receive / send
Airea Net active
green = active
Airea Net error
red = error

weight: net weight without optional equipment
heat dissipation: pink noise, 6 dB crest, 1/4 Pmax

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